Bunny Massage

For the admirer of gay Asian beauty, there’s one massage place in Soi Twilight. Next to Dick’s cafe you can always see the boys of Bunny Massage hang out. The red lights in the soi make them all look quite handsome, more or less. And some of them look like real stunners. They reel you in by eye contact, when you sit at Dick’s. Unfortunately the massage itself is nothing sexy like the pleasure of the anticipation, at least in my book.

2 thoughts on “Bunny Massage

  1. I tend to agree that the massage lacks something from some of the other establishments, especially when it comes to expecting a real massage. The happy endings, although improved over the years, also tend to be shallow. I put it down to training.

  2. I agree. THe boys are very cute but the massage itself was not a massage at all. I was there between March 7 and March 14 and my first experience was good. The second massage I decided to have a two hour massage but after 1.5 hours the guy doing the massage decided he was hungry and left me to shower alone although he still expected full tip and they made me pay for 2 hours. After I complained they gave me some money back but after speaking to some of the guys at the other parlours they said it was quite common for Bunny Massage to charge full price and not give full service. Be prepared.

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